jueves, 7 de mayo de 2020

Read an article about gender equality. Complete each gap (1-10) with one suitable word from the box below. There are five words you do not need to use.
Why do we need a special day, International Women’s Day, on March 8th every year for 50% of the world’s population? One of the (1) ______ is to fight for worldwide gender equality.
Gender equality means that both men and women have the same opportunities, rights and obligations in life. This includes having the same (2) ______to receive an education, to work, to earn the same salary for the same job and to be able to balance work and family. Both sexes should have the right to live peacefully, without violence or abuse, and both should be (3) ______for their families and participate equally in society.
There are clearly many inequalities in the world today; to combat this we need to start from the beginning by educating our children and giving them equal opportunities (4) ______of gender. In most developed countries, the education system is designed to treat children in exactly the same way as far as curriculum and testing are concerned, but social (5) ______are also part of their general education and can still be improved. This teaching has to come from both families and educators.
In the classroom, activities to (6) ______children’s awareness of how society creates inequalities are important. For example, using toy catalogues and debating with children if certain toys are more suitable for girls and boys, or noticing which pictures show boys playing with cars and girls playing with dolls can help them to recognise (7) ______. Text book producers should make sure jobs are not stereotyped, e.g. a firefighter is almost always a man and a nurse is a woman. Mixed sports should also be encouraged – not only boys playing football and girls playing volleyball.
The government can contribute to gender equality in the family structure (8) ______legislation such as equal rights to paternity and maternity leave and permissions for childcare. However, staying at home and looking after the children, or taking time off to take a child to the doctor’s is often still looked on as a female (9) ______. If a child is given the example at home of parents sharing household responsibilities, then he or she will learn to behave in the same way without question.
So, the responsibility lies with everyone, parents, schools and governments, to make sure that our children’s world is (10) ______for all. In the future, maybe International Women’s Day will no longer be necessary.

 1 motives
2 chances
3 responsible
4 regardless
5 skills
6 raise
7 prejudices
8 through
9 role
10 fair

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Speaking: Success

You have 3 minutes to prepare the topic. You must use some of the questions below to develop your speech.You will have to speak for 3 minutes.

·       How do you feel about success?
·       Is success important to you?
·       When you think of success, what do you usually think of?
·       What small successes do you have every day?
·       What does success mean to you?  Try to be specific for different areas of your life.
·       What role do money, friends, and happiness play in success?
·       How about integrity, honesty, values, love ….?
·       What part does luck play in success?
·       Someone once said: "The two hardest things to handle in life are failure and success." What do you think of this?

Oral mediation: In 2/3 minutes summarize explain what the infography is about and the content.